Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Empowerment: Three Critical Tools for Philanthropy

R. Andrew Swinney, President, Philadelphia Foundation
August 7, 2007

There’s a stereotype in the world of nonprofit organizations: White people have the money, and many of them donate or volunteer to help the poor who are, more often than not, minorities.

The reality, of course, is much more complex. In today’s increasingly multicultural environment, nonprofit leaders frequently find that their supporters, staff, vendors, and clientele come from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and age groupings. African American, Latino, Asian, and gay and lesbian communities are raising significant amounts of charitable dollars to support their own. Minority constituents are serving on boards and volunteering their time to nonprofits that serve the entire community. In some communities, whites are or will soon become the new minority.

Read the full paper here – https://philanthropynewsdigest.org/features/commentary-and-opinion/three-critical-tools-for-philanthropy

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